Only $99

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The service involves the following:

· Removal of Adware, spyware and virus

· Cleaning up of Windows OS

· Storage device health check & service

· Cooling fans cleaned and serviced

· Inspection to check that the hardware is at recommended level

 The PC Tunup is done in our Workshop in Epsom


With every Family with at least one computer it’s an easy way to sell the PC tune-up service.

With more time spent in a day using a computer it’s important to have it running efficiently.

Those extra seconds and minutes you wait for something to load will add up. What we do is tune up an already working computer and make it run more efficiently.

A printed report will be returned with the PC outlining what was found and repaired. Also in this report it will include any issues that may require additional attention. Any tips to avoid a problem reoccurring again will also be added to this report.