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Yourbiz Finance has a series of non Bank financing options for your business needs.
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We can have a modern functional and cost effective web site built for you in no time.
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Get your business to the next level with Cost effective Marketing advice
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IT Services Get you computers working for you. Free Remote Support for the first 1hour.
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Yourbiz members have their articles published. Take a browse and see what you can learn from other business owners
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Welcome back to yourbiz

Yourbiz can now be your specialist business services support unit. We seek to provide support and access to products and services to smaller mid sized businesses that may not have specialist skills in house.  

Over many years we have built strong and trusting relationships with people with expertise in everything from managing Human Resource issues to Selling your Business. Collectively we operate as the Yourbiz Business Partnership Network.

We will provide you with a formidable quality assurance process in all your professional services dealings. We can also make sure the pricing quoted is aligned to the market norm at any given time. 


What's been happening at yourbiz?

We are no longer an information portal with special business product promotions. The business community can now access high quality information over the web via search engines or accessing Government Departmental sites direct.

Our aim is now to provide smaller or mid size business owners access to a specialist guidance and expertise through the network as it is not possible to resource smaller businesses with specialists in every field of management.



Our Business Partners all run their own businesses servicing the smaller and medium sector. They are no different to many such providers you can contact on your own. They are fully immersed in their specialist fields and you as a Yourbiz member can discuss your problem with them free of charge. If you subsequently seek to engage them formally through the network you will be covered by our Quality and Price Assurance Plan.

 Quality Assurance

 We know that each department has a proven track record of high competence, responsiveness and integrity in their dealings with clients. Our aim is to assure Yourbiz members these partners will always deliver to your expectation. If any of our business partners fail meet your expectation, you as a Yourbiz member has the right to request Yourbiz assists with the resolution of any matter and in need arbitrate upon it.  

The business partner is obligated to act under our instructions or they will breach our partners agreement. This is the fundamental principal of quality assurance we seek to provide.

If we believe the member is not being realistic, we will explain it to you and hopefully provide independent clarity. A member is not obligated to accept our view - they always have full rights to pursue the usual other outside remedies.  

Price Assurance 

Sometimes business owners subsequently discover the charges for products and services are beyond the market norms - however this is generally too late. We seek to ensure the Yourbiz Network Partner charges for fees and services always fit within the norms of their industry sector and regularly test this against costs of other providers. We encourage you to raise with us any concern with us prior to committing to agreement.


News & Events

14 April, 09
Listuem Names ligula a blandit ornare, ligula a quis bibendum.

14 April, 09
Listuem Names ligula a blandit ornare, ligula a quis bibendum.