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At Yourbiz we always urge businesses to  a solid and trusting relationship with a reputable Bank. If possible transact all your borrowing through one Bank Manager and be sure he or she fully understands your business. We can help you manage your banking relationship more effectively if you wish. 

If you decide you want to examine Non-Bank finance options - then we are the people to talk to. We have agency arrangements with a variety of funders each offering specialty finance products. This includes Long Term Asset Finance, Working Capital Funding through Debtor Finance and Trade Finance options.  If you need short term Commercial Building or Farm property finance, we have the people ready to consider any style of proposal.

 Watch out for our outstanding asset lease special funding. Rates start at a low 9.95% with a maximum rate of 10.95% for those businesses with a successful trading history and can meet lender requirements. You need to have a strong borrowing capability and a borrowing need more than $15,000 and less than $1,000,000.  Find out if this is you!

If you want to contact us telephone 09-9503840 or fax 09-9293169  or simply request a quote below: